About Isaiah 58:12


In previous disasters and during Hurricane Katrina & Ike, many faith-based organizations, large and small, were given the responsibility to care for parts of cites and various geographies, and they did a very effective job.  It is for this reason, as well as others, that Isaiah 58:12 was birthed.  It came about as a number of those who had attended some of the first trips to Mississippi began to sense in their hearts and spirits to formalize or logistically recognize in the physical, what God seemed to be doing in the Spirit. Initially, none of us had any intention or plan to keep going down to Mississippi, but these mission trips seem to be divinely orchestrated and took on a life of their own. Isaiah 58:12 is a faith-based relief group that will help organize and co-ordinate current and future relief efforts by churches or individuals who want to help disaster victims, wherever and whenever they arise. The reason for the formation of this group is as follows:

  • FEMA and other governmental agencies were not able to handle the devastation which took place and became keenly aware of how effective faith-based relief groups are and fully intend to utilize them in the future.

  • It is a vehicle which crossed denominational lines and has caused many churches, pastors, and individual believers to work together and be unified, both in our area as well in the disaster areas we serve.

  • We want help individuals, families, churches, and communities prepare for any disaster which might happen, regardless whether that event is a natural disaster, economic, pandemic, terrorist act or any other event.  Biblically, it is clear that as we enter into Godís end times scenario, that natural and man made disasters are going to increase; Matthew 24 & 25, Joel, Zephaniah, Isaiah, and Revelations all speak to this. Whether we have 10 years or 100 years left, we have entered into those times. Thus, as time goes on, we believe there is going to be an increasing need, for efforts such as these.


Our mission statement is: ďYour people will rebuild the ancient ruins and raise up the age-old foundations; You will be called Repairer of Broken Walls; Restorer of Streets with DwellingsĒ  Isaiah 58:12, (NIV).


Our corporate statement of purpose is: ďTo spread Christís love to all people who suffered loss, because of a natural disaster or military conflict, by meeting their needs through faith-based assistance in disaster relief. Funds will be raised to help people rebuild their communities and their lives.Ē


We are a valid non-profit corporation with 501(c) 3 tax-exempt status. Our website can be found at www.Isaiah5812.org and will provide continual updates and provide information on future mission trips. It will also provide people with the opportunity to volunteer and contribute in many different ways to relief efforts. Some of those involved will be certified in various areas of national disaster relief such as Citizen Corp and will be able to work with any local, state, federal, or international relief agencies in any disaster.

We have been operating since the second week of September 2005. We will continue to provide opportunities for churches and individuals to help in current and future relief efforts. We have formed an Advisory Group, in addition to the corporate officers and trustees, which helps organize and coordinate our efforts.


In the process of providing assistance to disaster victims we must be careful not to get consumed in dealing with only their physical needs, we must also give attention to their spiritual needs. It is only natural to be overwhelmed by the basic human needs in disaster situations, but we must be sensitive to the unique opportunity which a disaster situation presents. Isaiah 45:7 ďÖI bring prosperity and create disaster, I, the Lord do all these things No matter what form they come in hurricanes, earth quakes, pandemics, economic collapse, terrorism, or war; God has allowed disasters to take place throughout history, to get people's attention and bring them to a point that they never would have arrived, had these events not taken place. It is at this point where divine circumstance and situation presents us with an opportunity to reverse what the enemy intended for bad and turn it into good. It is at this point, where hopelessness and a natural disaster in the flesh can be turned into salvation and a victory in the Spirit. One event creates temporary physical consequences, but the other lasting eternal consequences. There is probably no other circumstance or situation which presents a greater opportunity to share Christ and show His love. In future disasters we want our focus to be on these things:


  • We donít become overwhelmed and focused only on meeting the physical need.

  • We should bring lots of reading & audio-visual materials to handout.

  • We provide worship and prayer services each night for anyone wishing to attend.

  • We designate some people for ministry only, to share, listen, and pray for the disaster victims, especially the most vulnerable. Many of these people simply need someone to talk to and encourage them, as well as help filling out forms and contacting relatives.


The victims of disasters have nowhere to go, nothing to do. They canít go home, they canít go to work, and there is usually no place to gather socially or recreate. They will read anything, talk to anyone; it is truly the almost perfect ministry opportunity to an essentially captive audience, who genuinely appreciates your help.


We stand ready to work with Christian and secular disaster relief groups where ever disaster strikes. We have trained & untrained volunteers, tool trailers, and tents with plywood inserts, heating & air-conditioning units which can house up to 300 volunteers or victims. Please keep Isaiah 58:12 in your prayers and that we will be in sync with Godís plans and purposes and that we would steward our resources wisely and effectively.



Please send much needed contributions to Isaiah 58:12 and send it to 1928 Sheen Hollow, Otsego, MI 49078.