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CERT stands for Community Emergency Response Team. The purpose of the FEMA Citizen Corps and CERT trainings is to create an army of trained volunteers, who are ready and able to help when disaster strikes, whether it is local, state wide or on a national level. After completion of the CERT course, volunteers will be trained in light search & rescue, basic first-aid, fire suppression, building assessment and other areas of disaster relief. Once certified, these-volunteers will be able to work in concert with first responders in disaster situations anywhere in the United States.


Isaiah 58:12 is a faith-based non-profit organization with over five years of disaster relief experience and many FEMA certified volunteers. We have been a part of President Bush's White House Faith-Based Disaster Initiatives, and have formed relationships with numerous other disaster aid organizations, both Christian and secular. This puts Isaiah 58:12 in a unique position to offer recognized trained assistance to emergency responders and to be a visible and capable witness to disaster victims.


I encourage anybody who can, to join us; you can register right up to the day before training starts. We have been teaching this program all over the state and the nation, so that church congregations and communities will have trained volunteers who can help in their area in the case of a disaster. This is one way that the church can be prepared to be a light in their community when disaster strikes.